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Over the years, orgonite have developed a reputation to being one of the most important devices that help us achieve holistic health. Orgonites generate healing orgone energy which was first discovered by Dr. Wilhelm Riech, an Austrian psychoanalyst.

Orgonite devices come in various shapes and forms, including orgonite pyramid, orgonite pendant, and so on. In an orgonite device, you can find authentic gemstones and specific vibrative materials that generate positive energy. The positive orgone energy has a amazing health and healing properties on all living beings.

Another form that orgone energy generating devices come in is gemtsone angel. Gemstone angel are orgonite devices that are powerful devices of protection. Gemstone angel helps in protecting you from all evil and negativity. The orgonite crystals that you can find in gemstone angel devices helps in healing and balancing your chakras.

The Seven Chakra Gemstone Carved Orgone Pocket Angel is an amazing orgone energy generating device available at Orgonite Crystals. This device can boast of many amazing properties, which has helped it become one of the most sought after devices at our gemstone online store. Let us check this product out.

Seven Chakra Gemstone Carved Orgone Pocket Angel

True to its name, the Seven Chakra Gemstone Carved Orgone Pocket Angel helps in healing and balancing all the seven chakras in our body. It is achieved by the seven different types of natural vibrative crystals that the gemtsone angel is made of. Each gemstone represents each chakra, starting from the Root chakra to the Crown chakra.

Chakras are energy points in the body through which orgone energy, or life-force energy, flows. Each chakra is associated with each organ or organs in the and various glands. The proper functioning of the glands and organs is dependant on the chakras. It is, therefore, important that the chakras are in balance and harmony with each other. With the energy healing properties of crystals and gemstones, all the chakras can be balanced. The seven specific crystals that the gemstone angel is made of helps in balancing all the chakras.

The different crystals in this gemstone angel, ranging from the color red to violet/purple helps in expelling negativity and negative energies from your body. Another great property of this orgone device is that it absorbs the negative energies in your surroundings and converts them into positive energy.

Apart from curing negativity, the other amazing properties of this gemtsone angel are that it encourages self-awareness, allows self-expression and reveals inner truth. It also makes you a better version of yourself by providing you with qualities and virtues like honesty, compassion and morality. It also helps in stimulates your mind to be objective, rational, have clarity, and encourages creativity.

The Seven Chakra Gemstone Carved Orgone Pocket Angel can be placed in your bedroom, living room or office to enoy its many benefits. This amazing product is available at reasonable prices, starting from just $10.99. For purchasing handmade and genuine orgonite pyramids, orgonite pendants, and other orgone energy devices, visit Orgonite Crystals. Shop now!

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