Lapis Lazuli - The Stone of September

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Yet another month has passed by and a new one has dawned. New opportunities lay before us and it is time to grab them all. One of the most important things required to grab an opportunity is a perfect understanding of the situation. With the right orgonite devices, you would be able to make the most of an opportunity.

Orgone energy generating devices and healing orgonite crystals have been a constant companion of man for centuries. Even though the ancients didn’t wear orgonite bracelets or have an orgonite pyramid, they wore the crystals as jewelry. They knew that crystals had the power to protect them from all evil and negative energies. 

One of the most popular crystals known to man is Lapis Lazuli. The crystal comes in a wonderful blue hue that calms your mind, the instant you set your eyes upon it. This orgonite crystal is known for many of its amazing properties. One of the most important healing properties of Lapis Lazuli is cleansing the Third Eye Chakra.

Third Eye Chakra is one of the 7 chakras in our body. It is located at the center of the forehead, where our third eye, the all-seeing eye resides. It is the center of our intuition and wisdom. Lapis Lazuli helps us see the truth of everything and make the best decisions in life. The stone also helps you have a better connection to your inner self.

Lapis Lazuli is known to be one of the most powerful protective stones. It helps you stay protected from physical attacks as well as psychic attacks. Lapis Lazuli orgonite crystal makes sure that no harm befalls you at any time. This is one of the orgonite crystals that help you stand tall to the challenge you face and overcome it.

For most of us, being healthy is just limited to experiencing better physical health. However, the truth is that unless we are able to experience better emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being, along with physical health, we won’t be able to say that we are healthy. Lapis Lazuli ensures our emotional well-being and helps our minds to be creative and tackle all challenges.

Another one of the amazing properties of orgone energy generating Lapis Lazuli crystal is that it promotes self-expression, self-awareness, and also helps in revealing our inner truth. It heightens your sense of morality, compassion, and honesty, which helps you be a better person in life. Lapis Lazuli also helps in strengthening your relationships.

The properties associated with Lapis Lazuli crystal are not limited to these alone. It is now clear to understand why it is a highly popular stone. Orgonite devices made with Lapis Lazuli crystals are some of the most sought-after healing energy products at Orgonite Crystals

Lapis Lazuli is one of the birthstones of the month of September, which makes purchasing the crystal and devices made with it now even more special. Some of our popular orgonite crystals made with Lapis Lazuli include Lapis Lazuli Crystal Pyramid available for $30, Lapis Lazuli Gemstone Orgone Carved Angel available from $10.99, Lapis Lazuli Orgone Pyramid Size:2.5-3 Inch available for $12.34, and Lapis Lazuli Gemstone Orgone Pyramid Size: 3-3.5 Inch available for $16.99. You can browse through all our Lapis Lazuli products here. Place your order now!

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