Green Jade Orgonite Crystal for Luck and Protection

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Green Jade is one of the most popular orgonite crystals known to man. It is a gemstone that is revered across civilizations and cultures, thanks to the many amazing properties of the stone. Green Jade is also known to be one of the oldest gemstones used by humans. Green Jade found its place as jewelry and they were even used as tools.

The popularity of Green Jade was so immense that people searched for ways to keep the stone always with them. This gave birth to Green Jade orgonite products like orgonite pyramid, orgonite necklace, gemstone tree, and more. Each product comes with its own unique properties and benefits, however, the main purpose of each remains the same - to generate positive healing orgone energy.

Orgone energy is life-force energy that is similar to chi and prana, the names of life-force energies in other cultures. Orgone energy flows through our body, through the seven chakras. For a healthy and happy life, it is important that our chakras must be in harmony. If the chakras are balanced, the energy flow through our body will be smooth and without any blockages. Orgonite devices, made with authentic crystals, help in removing all energy blockages and ensuring better flow of energy.

As mentioned above, Green Jade is a crystal that is famed for its many healing properties. The stone balances the Heart Chakra, which is one of the most important chakras in the body. Also known as Anahata , the Heart Chakra represents love, warmth, joy, and compassion. The chakra also symbolizes qualities like healthy bond with others, compassion, kindness, sharing, self-love, respect, and generosity.

Green Jade orgonite crystal helps in warding off negativity and keeping us protected from the harmful effects of negative energy. When the negative energy that surround us start affecting our life, we will begin to experience health issues and other problems. Green Jade makes sure that no evil or negative energy sources can do anyharm to us.

Green Jade is a crystal that is best laid next to your skin to experience its many benefits. Green Jade orgonite necklace is therefore an amazing product that you can wear for enjoying its benefits. Wearing orgonite or keeping Green Jade orgone devices near you helps you be a better person and boost your relationships.

Another of Green Jade’s most celebrated property is that it helps in attracting fortune and luck into your life. Devices like Green Jade gemstone tree helps you in achieving success and growth in your career and business. You can keep the Green Jade Money Tree in your home or office for attracting luck and success.

Other properties of Green Jade are as below:

  • Calms you and brings harmony into your life
  • Helps attract friends and maintain healthy relationships
  • Connects you with tyhe divine and helps you self discover yourself
  • Stuimulates your mind and helps generate innovative and creative ideas
  • Helps in detoxifying your body and ensuring better health

The properties and benefits of Green Jade are not limited just to these. Green Jade is an important orgonite crystal and no matter whether you are using it as orgonite pyramid, orgonite necklace, gemstone tree or any other orgone energy product, you can experience its numerous benefits.

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