Balanced Chakras with Mix Carved Angel

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Angels take care of us. This is what we learn from a very young age and one of the reasons that make us pray. Even though we haven’t seen these celestial beings, there is nothing stopping us from believing in them or their existence. Well, what do you say about being able to actually hold and carry an angel with you at all times?

The Mix Chakra Carved Orgone Pocket Angel is an amazing orgonite device carved in the shape of an angel. Orgonites are energy generating devices highly regarded for their ability to generate positive orgone energy. First discovered by Dr. Wilhelm Reich, orgone energy is believed to have many wonderful properties, including curing cancer.

The orgone energy generating ability of orgonite is all thanks to the gemstones they are made of. Each gemstone boasts unique properties, which include balancing the chakras and promoting the good health and well-being of all living beings. Orgonite devices that include multiple gemstones can balance all the chakras and promote harmony among all. It ensures us a better way of life and holistic health.

The Mix Chakra Carved Orgone Pocket Angel is a gemstone angel that contains a mix of gemstones. As mentioned above, each gemstone is associated with a particular chakra. So, the different gemstones contained in the gemstone angel heals each of the seven chakras and boosts the functioning of the body organs associated with them.

The Mix Chakra Carved Orgone Pocket Angel has many wonderful properties, which makes purchasing it and carrying it with you a wonderful investment. Available in 2 and 3-inch sizes, you can easily carry this orgonite device with you and experience its benefits first-hand. As this gemstone angel helps in boosting memory and concentration, students and professionals can benefit from its powers.

The Mix Chakra Carved Orgone Pocket Angel helps in promoting feelings of compassion and clearing all emotional blockages. It also helps protect you from all negative energies and fills your surroundings with powerful positive energy. Other benefits associated with this orgone energy generating device include encouraging self-expression, promotes self-awareness, and bring clarity regarding inner truth. Carrying the Mix Chakra Carved Orgone Pocket Angel with you helps you be honest, compassionate, and act with a high moral standard.

The Mix Chakra Carved Orgone Pocket Angel helps you have emotional balance and approach all things objectively. It helps you be rational in all your dealings and make the right decisions. It also boosts the mind and opens its creative center.

The Mix Chakra Carved Orgone Pocket Angel is indeed an amazing orgonite to have. This gemstone angel is available at prices starting at $10.99. For handmade and authentic orgonite, visit Orgonite Crystals. We are an online store dedicated to helping you purchase the best and genuine orgone energy devices at affordable prices. Make your purchase now!

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