Authentic Orgone Pendant to Balance your Chakras

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We have all heard about the seven chakras in our body and the importance of each. The first chakra is the Root Chakra, located at the base of the spine and the seventh chakra is the Crown Chakra, which is located at the apex of the head. Chakras are associated with different organs in the body and play a part in its proper functioning. Making sure that the chakras are in balance is important and orgonite helps with it.

Orgonite devices are products that help in generating positive orgone energy. Orgone energy, discovered by Dr. Wilhelm Reich, is life-force energy that is similar to life-force energy known in many names, across different cultures, like prana and chi. Orgonite come in many types, including in the shape of an orgone pendant.

Orgone pendant is one of the best types of orgonite, thanks to the fact that it lays next to your skin, thereby boosting the healing properties of the crystals. Wearing a chakra balancing orgone pendant helps in healing all energy blockages and promoting the flow of orgone energy. Orgonite Crystals, the most trusted online store for authentic orgonite and crystal products, has in our catalog an amazing orgonite product - the Orgone Pendant (Healing Chakra Gemstone).

The Orgone Pendant (Healing Chakra Gemstone) is a handmade orgonite pendant by local artisans in India. The product helps in focusing positive energy into your life so that it may bring good changes to your life. The following are some of the wonderful properties that the product can boast of: 

  • Handmade by following Dr.Reich’s Technology - Dr. Reich was the first person to truly realize the potential of orgone energy and its various healing properties. With the aim of helping people enjoy its many benefits, Dr. Reich built the orgone energy accumulator. Years later, inspired by Dr. Reich’s technology, the first orgonite was made. Each of our orgonite is made based on Dr. Reich’s technology.

  • Blocks Electro Magnetic Field Radiation - We can’t imagine a world without smartphones, cell towers, wi-fi, laptops, and other electronic devices. It is true to say that these gadgets have made our life easier, but on the flip side, they also bring with it the harmful effects of EMF radiation. EMF radiation causes cancer and other health problems. Our Orgone Pendant helps in blocking the harmful EMF radiation and keep you healthy.

  • Improves Relationship - We all give much value to relationships, however, we are not able to do everything that is required to maintain a healthy relationship. Wearing our orgone pendant helps in balancing the chakras so that you would be able to speak the truth and frankly with others. This helps in maintaining better relationships.

  • Generates Positive Energy - The orgone pendant and the authentic orgonite crystals help in clearing negative energy from your surroundings by absorbing it and converting it into positive energy. The positive energy will have a better influence on all living beings.
  • Tested and Proven - Our handmade orgone pyramid is infused with positive energy so that it may balance your life. Each of our products is made sure to have positive effects on you.

The genuine and awesome Orgone Pendant (Healing Chakra Gemstone) is available for purchase at just $29. Purchase this amazing product and experience the power of positive energy in your life. Shop now!

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