All about Ruby, the Gemstone of July

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New months relate to new beginnings and new opportunities. Whatever we were not able to do in the bygone months, we have a chance to do them in the new month. This is also where gemstones become important. With their natural healing properties, gemstones can aid proper decision making, which helps in attracting success into our life. Well, it is no wonder why gemstones are used extensively in making orgonite.

Orgonite, or orgone energy generating devices, have been popular for long, thanks to the fact that they generate positive energy. Each orgonite device, including orgone pendant, orgonite pyramid, orgonite necklace, and others are made of natural gemstones and other vibrative materials. One of the gemstones that orgone devices are made of include Ruby.

Ruby - Properties and Benefits

Ruby is one of the best gemstones that can be used during the month of July, because Ruby is the gemstone of July. The gemstone is one of the most popular among those known to man. It has been used in jewelry from the earlier days itself. Ruby is hailed as one of the most beautiful gemstones due to its distinctive hue.

Ruby is not just a crystal that is beautiful, it is also magical. Yes, you heard it right. One of the reasons why Ruby is highly regarded is due to the many magical properties that it boast of. It was considered as precious than diamonds in the olden days but still it is one of the ‘big four’ gemstones

Ruby is often used as the primary gemstone in orgonite necklace, orgonite pyramid, orgone pendant, and other orgonite devices, but you can also find Ruby being used as a secondary gemstone. When used as a secondary gemstone, Ruby helps in boosting the properties of the other gemstones

When used in orgonite devices, Ruby helps in absorbing negative energy and converting it into powerful positive energy. It also helps in balancing the Root Chakra and the Heart Chakra, and aligning it with the other chakras. Balanced chakras ensure the better flow of orgone energy through the body. 

One of the best properties associated with Ruby is boosting our confidence. It helps in motivating us and instill belief in us that everything is possible. We are also urged to set realistic goals so that we are able to achieve them. It also helps in boosting our courage and helping us take on all challenges in life, head-on.

Ruby also helps in bringing happiness into your life. It also prevents us from making bad decisions that lead to losing money and financial security. With Ruby gemstone, your passion for life will be increased and you will be able to taste success.

Ruby gemstone is one of the best crystals that can be used in orgonite necklace, orgonite pyramid, and orgone pendant, thanks to its magical properties. If you are looking for Ruby orgonite devices, you can visit Orgonite Crystals. We are an online store from where you can purchase authentic orgonite devices. Each of our devices are handmade by local artisans in India and infused with powerful positive energy.

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