Achieve your Weight Loss Goals with these Amazing Gemstones

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How often haven’t you been bothered about your weight gain? The answer would be next to none. A busy lifestyle highlighted with improper diet, lack of physical activities, work stress and more, lead to rapid weight gain. There are many solutions available before us, with the majority being expensive and temporary. It is where orgonite devices and gemstones become more relevant as they help in boosting metabolism.


We are living in a time when performance, productivity, and professionalism matters the most. It requires us to stay sharp, vigilant, and smart. Therefore, we should stay away from the harmful effects of negative energy, which is no easy task. Thanks to orgonite devices like orgone pyramid, orgone pendant, gemstone tree, and others, we can now stay protected from negative energy.

Orgone pyramid, orgone pendant, gemstone tree, and other orgonite devices have only been around for a few decades, but their importance exceeds our imagination. Each orgonite device is made based on the principles of Dr. Wilhelm Reich, the psychoanalyst who discovered orgone energy. Orgonites help in generating positive energy by absorbing and converting negative energy.

How Orgonite Works?

What makes orgonite devices unique is that it generates positive energy that benefits all living beings. We use many devices and gadgets that are designed to make our work easy. However, they emit radiations, like EMF, that can lead to many health conditions. Orgonite devices, on the other hand, absorb these radiations as they contain natural gemstones. They shield us from the effects of harmful energy and fill our surroundings with powerful energy.


Gemstones were used for a wide variety of purposes across many millennia, and still, their function remains mostly the same. Natural gemstones have the power to protect our health and heal all energy blockages. Genuine gemstones promote the better flow of orgone energy through the seven chakras in the body.

Gemstones, when used with other vibrative elements such as resin and metals, have the ability to manifest our goals. Some gemstones bring success to life, some boost our confidence, while some help in weight loss. Today, we are focusing on the gemstones that promote weight loss and get us in shape.

Weight Loss promoting Gemstones

  • Amethyst - One can’t possibly exclude Amethyst from any list; such is the amazing properties associated with it. Amethyst helps in boosting our metabolism and balancing our hormones. It also helps us select better food choices that prevent unnecessary weight gain.

  • Carnelian - Carnelian is a gemstone that can be used for losing weight. The gemstone helps in detoxifying our blood and body and boost our overall health. It is also renowned for cutting out unnecessary food cravings and regulate our hunger.

  • Peridot - Often we feel like giving up after starting a weight loss journey. Truth be told, it does more harm than good. Peridot gemstone helps in keeping us motivated all throughout our weight loss journey so that we may not give in, in between. Other properties associated with this amazing crystal include reducing anxiety or fear, detox the body, and increase strength.

These are some of the gemstones that help in weight loss and boosting our metabolism. These crystals are an integral part of many orgonite devices including the orgone pyramid, orgone pendant, and gemstone tree. If you wish to purchase authentic orgonite, a reasonable prices, visit Orgonite Crystals.

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